Become a Home Run Home Loans Realtor Partner

Verified Approval vs Pre-Approval

Our verified approval process ensures your client gets thoroughly verified by an underwriter with conditional approval and list of conditions.

Expedited Closings

Our 2-touchpoint approach creates a simple and smooth process (Home of the 7 day close).

Concierge Service

We tailor your buyers’ approval to their individual situations, and our communication process alleviates our realtors’ workloads.

Motivating Buyers in This Market

We negotiate closing costs, seller concessions, and terms for our realtor partners to qualify more clients and get clients off the fence to help you close more deals

Agency Training

We will train you and/or your agency on current market conditions and ways to stay competitive, product knowledge, and overcoming objections.

Referral Tracking

We make sure your clients’ referrals go directly back to you.

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